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Here you will find the latest news about life in the village, including news from the County Councillor, Sian Gwenllian.


County Councillors Report August and September 2017

  1. I have been walking the Ward and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. I have reported matters brought to my attention.
  2. Contact details:-
    Galw Gwynedd - the Council’s call centre 01766 771000.
    My Phone 01286 676869.
    My office in Caernarfon [9am to 5pm Monday to Friday]
    My Facebook page - Gareth Griffith
  3. Meetings attended.
    1. Met with the Gwynedd and Mon Youth Justice Services Team.
    2. Meetings as a Member of the Cabinet.And various meetings as a Councillor.
  4. Attended Felinheli and Syr Hugh Owen Schools as a Governor.
  5. I continue to work on behalf of individuals in the village.

Councillor’s Report July 2017

1. I have been walking the Ward and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. I have reported matters brought to my attention.
2. Contact details:- Galw Gwynedd- the Council’s call centre 01766 771000 . My Phone 01286 676869. My office in Caernarfon[9am to 5pm Monday to Friday]
My Facebook page - Gareth Griffith
3.Meetings attended.
[a] Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen School as School Governor.
[b]Plaid Cymru Group and Electorate Meetings.
[c] I visited Parc Adfer – a residual waste management site[under construction] on Deeside.
[d] Attended the Felinheli Festival Committee.
[e] Continous Training for Councillors.
[f] Meetings at Gwynedd Council.
4. I continue to work on behalf of individuals in the village.
5. I am trying to obtain contact details of the numerous groups in the village. Can you please send me your details’. I want the information so that I can contact you in the event that grants are available and so forth.
6.The work to repair the Afon Heulyn path has been completed. The path is now open.

Councillor’s Report June 2017

1. I have been walking the Ward and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. I have reported matters brought to my attention.
2. Contact details:- Galw Gwynedd- the Council’s call centre 01766 771000 . My Phone 01286 676869. My office in Caernarfon[9am to 5pm Monday to Friday]
My Facebook page - Gareth Griffith
3.Meetings attended. [a] Felinheli Primary School as School Governor.
[b]Plaid Cymru Group Meetings.
[c] Felinheli Community Council Monthly meeting..
[d] .Attended the Felinheli Festival Committee. The Festival has taken place and was a success.
[e] IT training for Councillors.
[f] Meetings at Gwynedd Council.
[g] I spoke on behalf of Rowen and Dinas residents against a planning appeal to build on the land below the medical centre.
[h] I attended the Shed, a new business venture in the village. Good look to them.
4. I continue to work on behalf of individuals in the village.
5. I am trying to obtain contact details of the numerous groups in the village. Can you please send me your details’. I want the information so that I can contact you in the event that grants are available and so forth. I have not received any response to this request.
6.The work to repair the Afon Heulyn path is due to start.

Councillor’s Report May 2017

1. I have started my work on the new Council. I have also been appointed to the Councils’Cabinet with responsibility for Highways and Municipal Assets.
2. My contact details:- Phone 01286 676869.My office in Caernarfon[9am to 5pm Monday to Friday]
My Facebook page - Gareth Griffith
3.Meetings attended. [a] Felinheli Primary School as School Governor and the School Council listening to the childrens’ ideas.
[b]Plaid Cymru Group and Electorate Meetings.
[c] Felinheli Community Council Monthly and Annual meetings.
[d] .Attended the Felinheli Festival Committee. The Festival takes place on the Beach from the 23/6/17 to 1/7/17. The programme will be distributed shortly.
[e] Helped Hywel Williams with his election campaign in Felinheli.
4. I continue to work on behalf of individuals in the village.
5. I am trying to obtain contact details of the numerous groups in the village. Can you please send me your details’. I want the information so that I can contact you in the event that grants are available and so forth.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Y FELINHELI Community Council intends to Co-opt 4 (FOUR) members to fill the vacancy(ies) that exist in the office of Councillor for the Y FELINHELI Community (Ward) following insufficient nominations at the Elections held on 4th May 2017.

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Y Felinheli Community Council Handbook - click here



Dates of Meetings 2017
Venue - Capel Bethania Y Felinheli

16/05/2017 – Annual Meeting & Monthly meeting
13/06/2017 – Monthly Meeting
11/07/2017 – Monthly Meeting
12/09/2017 – Monthly Meeting
10/10/2017 – Monthly Meeting
14/11/2017 – Monthly Meeting
12/11/2017 – Monthly Meeting
09/01/2018 – Monthly Meeting
13/02/2018 – Monthly Meeting
13/03/2018 – Monthly Meeting
10/04/2018 – Monthly Meeting



2017 Annual Meeting (open)

Tuesday 16 May 2017 at 7 p.m.
Bethania Chapel, Y Felinheli

If you wish to present a questionto the Council then you need to send it to the Clerk at least 3 days prior.

Agenda - click here

Councillor’s Report April 2017

1. No election in May for Felinheli and I can inform you that I will carry on as the Felinheli Councillor.

2. My contact details:- Phone 01286 676869. My office in Caernarfon [9am to 5pm Monday to Friday]
My Facebook page - Gareth Griffith

3. Meetings attended.

[a] Felinheli Primary School as School Governor.
[b] Plaid Cymru Group and Electorate Meetings.
[c] Felinheli Community Council monthly meeting.
[d] Attended Plaid Cymrus’ launch for the Council Elections at Sopna Restaurant at Pontrug.
[e] Helped posting Election brochures’ in Bangor.

4. I continue to work on behalf of individuals in the village.

5. I am trying to obtain contact details of the numerous groups in the village. Can you please send me your details’. I want the information so that I can contact you in the event that grants are available and so forth.

Councillor’s Report March 2017

1. I can inform you that I will be continuing as the Felinheli Councillor, therefore, there is no Election on 4th May, 2017.

2. My contact details are as follows:

3. Meetings attended:

  • Felinheli and Syr Hugh Owen Schools.
  • Plaid Cymru Group and Electorate Meetings.
  • Felinheli Community Council monthly meeting; MSFOMA - Menai Strait meeting at the Sailing Club; Sea defence meeting with Gwynedd Council.
  • The full Gwynedd Council Meeting.

4. I continue to work on behalf of individuals in the village.

5. Remember also that the party membership fees need be paid.



Notice of Election - Arfon, Gwynedd - click here

Notice of Election Arfon Communities - click here

Councillor’s Report February 2017

1. I am trying to help the residents of Felinheli Terrace. Does anybody have a photograph of the old Surgery showing the name of the Terrace.

2. The School has had to limit access to the Car Park. I appreciate that this causes difficulties to road users but the School has taken this decision for the safety of the children. The closure is causing difficulties for residents on the Wern as cars are blocking the road and/or access to and from houses. Please respect the Road Traffic laws at this time . The Car Park closure is for the safety of the children.

3. Dog fouling is a problem everywhere at this time. Please make use of the appropriate bins located all over the village.

4.Meetings attended.
[a] Felinheli and Syr Hugh Owen Schools. Staffing matters.
[b]Plaid Cymru Group and Eloctrate Meetings.
[c] Felinheli Community Counci monthly meeting. The Marina-I met with residents regarding a planning application. I attended the Councils Audit and Language meetings.

5. I am pleased to announce that I have been chosen to stand again for Plaid Cymru at the May 2017 Election. I will be standing for Election as your Councillor.

6. I continue to work on behalf of individuals in the village.

Councillor’s Report January 2017

1.The path at Afon Heulun will remain closed until at least May 2017. Work is required to repair the river wall which holds up the path . The work cannot be undertaken until May 2017 due to spawning fish.

2. WARNING. Some older people in Felinheli have received telephone calls to pay income tax and to take the cash to them at Morrisons Caernarfon. The police have been informed. Please share this message and warn friends and family.

3.I have spoken with the Church regarding the use of Church House as parking for the village. Further details to follow.

4.Meetings attended.
[a] Felinheli and Syr Hugh Owen Schools. Staffing matters.
[b] Plaid Cymru meetings to contribute ideas to Plaid’s Manifesto for the Elections in May 2017.
[c] Felinheli Community Council.

5. I am pleased to announce that I have been chosen to stand again for Plaid Cymru at the May 2017 Election.

6. I continue to work on behalf of individuals in the village.


09.01.17 Community and Town Council Elections 2017




Would you like a role in supporting your local community?

Have you thought of becoming a community or town councillor?

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Applications for financial assistance

Applications for financial assistance by organisations within y Felinheli are now being accepted by the Community Council. Click here to download an application form. Send the application form to the Clerk Heather Jones 3 Maes Padarn Llanberis Gwynedd LL55 4TE by 31 December 2016.

Natural Resources Wales Report It Number

poster poster

Natural Resources Wales is changing the number that people call to report environmental incidents. It is now 03000 65 3000.

Click on the posters for more information

Councillor’s Report September 2016

1.Planning Committee.
I attended to object to an application for planning consent to build 11 houses by the Medical Centre. The application was turned down.

2.Community Council Meeting.
I attended the September 2016 Meeting. More details to follow on the village website.

3. School governor.
I am to be a governor at Felinheli Primary School and Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen Caernarfon.

4.Arfon Electorate Meeting [Plaid Cymru]
I attended the above meeting and listened to Hywel Williams MP updating us with news from Westminster, Sian Gwenllian with news from Cardiff and Councillor Gareth Thomas the Education Cabinet Member for Gwynedd on the excellent A Level and GCSE results for the County.

I attended a course on the Data Protection Act.

6.Ogwen Area Forum and Gwyrfai Area Forum.
I attended the forum’s held at Bangor and Caernarfon, of particular interest were presentations on the following:-
[a] The Gwynedd Community Chest. Grants are available for organisations. Contact the Team,for further information on
[b] Empty Homes scheme-grants and loans are available for houses that have been empty for over 6 months. Contact the Team on 01341 424371 or
[c] For your information you are able to arrange to dispose of large items such as sofa’s ,old carpet[5 items] by contacting the Council on 01766 771000 Fee £19.00

7.Plaid Cymru Group Meeting at Porthmadog.
I attended this meeting where future policies were discussed.

8.Caernarfon/Bontnewydd By Pass Exhibition.
I attended the above at the Celtic Royal Hotel.

9. Contact Me. Telephone 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday 01286 676869 or e-mail me on or on my Facebook page

Cofnodion Mis Medi - click here

Councillor’s Report July and August 2016

1. Started officially on the 20.7.16.
2. Met with Sian Gwenllian AM to handover the responsibilities for the village.
3. Excellent training from Gwynedd Council on how the Council is run.
4. Briefing from the National Grid regarding the scheme to take electricity from Nant y Garth to Pentir. This is still under consultation.
5. Met with Leanne Wood on two occasions.
6. First meeting with the Council and Community Council regarding a plan on sea defence, together with collecting ideas to improve the land on Beach Road.
7. Started a 5k Race from Caernarfon to Plas Menai. Attended CPD Y Felinheli matches - both home and away.
8. Currently reading Council reports on planning and other matters.
9. Met with numerous residents regarding problems with parking, grass cutting etc. Some matters resolved, whilst others are ongoing.
10. Preparing for Council and other meetings starting in September.

By-election THIS Thursday 14.07.16

Dear fellow villager,

As you know, two names have been submitted for the by-election which takes place this Thursday for a new county councillor for the village. Therefore you will need to vote on Thursday.

I had the honour of being your representative since 2008 in the name of Plaid Cymru and recently resigned after being elected to the National Assembly.

Gareth Griffiths is Plaid Cymru’s candidate and would be an excellent councillor for the village. I've known Gareth for over 20 years and I know that he is the best person for the job. He is the vice-chair of our highly successful festival, Gwyl y Felin and has been involved in a number of community activities over the years.

I know that Gareth is very willing to listen and help the people of the village.

Polling stations will be open in the Church Hall and School between 7 am and 10 pm this Thursday, July 14.

Thanks for your support over the years. I hope to get the opportunity to work with Gareth as our new county councillor for the good of the village in the future.

Kind regards,

Sian Gwenllian

Councillor’s Report June 2016

llun felin

Following my election as Arfon Assembly Member, I have resigned as councillor for Y Felinheli on Gwynedd Council.

It was a huge privilege to represent Y Felinheli on Gwynedd Council for 8 years and I will continue to work on behalf of the village in my new role as Assembly Member.

Plaid Cymru has selected Gareth Griffith as our candidate and I know he would be an excellent councillor.

Gwynedd Council will issue a notice and then hold a by-election on the coming months if needed.

In the meantime, you can contact me at Sian.Gwenllian@Cynulliad.Cymru and I’ll try to help you.

Councillor’s Report May/June 2016

ELECTION: As you know, I was elected Arfon Assembly Member and I’ve started on my new work. I know there was tremendous support from Y Felinheli and a heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted. I intend to submit my resignation as County Councillor in the next few weeks. There will then be an opportunity for you to elect a new councillor. In the meantime, please contact me if you need help with any matter.

MENAI MARINA: A planning application has been submitted to expand the present offices near the Dock to create toilets, showers, more office space as well as the erection of 3 retail units and extending the present car park. You can find the application on the Council website C16/0507/20/LL and submit comments.

FLOOD PREVENTION SCHEME: Gwynedd Council has succeeded in obtaining a grant to carry out Menai Straits Flood Prevention work at the front in Felinheli. Any scheme will be discussed in detail with the community, the Community Council, Sailing Club and local residents.

FOUR NEW HOUSES: Gwynedd Council Planning Committee has approved a planning application for four houses (one affordable) on land behind the Lon Las near Ffordd Penybryn

WORK ON THE LON LAS: Cemlyn Engineering has completed flood-prevention work on the stream near the Lon Las behind the telephone exchange.

QUAY STEPS: The pillar post box is now in use again.

AFON HEULYN PUBLIC FOOTPATH: Unfortunately, the work of rebuilding the wall cannot start yet and so the path must remain closed.

CONGRATULATIONS: Y Felinheli Football Club are this year’s Gwynedd League Champions and so they get promotion to the Welsh League (Second Division) next season.

21.04.16 Siân Gwenllian asks for your vote in the Welsh Election on May 5

Dear fellow villager,

It would be an honour to represent Arfon in the National Assembly. I hope you have had a chance to read my election material and seen what my priorities would be. Felinheli would of course be included amongst my new responsibilities and would still be a very special place for me!

I believe I have the experience and skills to be an effective voice for our area.

After being elected councillor in 2008, I consulted with you about what my priorities should be and set a number of goals. I’m glad to say that I’ve been able to fulfil the vast majority of them:

  • More affordable homes for local people: 16 homes secured
  • New home for the surgery: secured planning permission for our excellent Medical Centre
  • More opportunities for socialising ( youth & older people) : secured grants for substantial upgrade of the Hall and for establishing a community hub at Felin Sgwrsio
  • Tackle dog fouling & litter: held various campaigns, new signs, new bins, litter picks
  • Improve footpaths: secured grants to upgrade Rowen path, Cerrig yr Afon & Lôn Las.
  • Create local jobs: worked with local businesses as they set-up or expanded & held networking meetings through the Felinheli Business Forum

I also led some successful campaigns including No Pylons (against the Grid’s plans for pylons across Y Fenai) and Babis Bangor (to retain a full Maternity Unit at Ysbyty Gwynedd.) I’ve contributed to local community initiatives such as Gwyl Y Felin and have served as a school governor for many years.

Some issues persist of course! Parking continues to be a problem despite the creation of a car park behind Bangor Street. Let’s hope the scheme at the back of the Church Hall can alleviate some of the problems. The condition of some of our road surfaces should be improved; other projects continue to be in the pipe-line such as the new section of the Coastal Footpath held up for various reasons; and we await the re-opening of the footpath near Afon Heulyn.

But I hope you will agree that I am a person who tries to fulfil promises and delivers results!
It would be a privilege to get your vote on May 5 – what better way to put Felin on the map than to elect me as our first villager ever to be a politician on the national stage!

Kind regards,

Siân Gwenllian

08/04/2016 Councillor Sian Gwenllian’s Report for April 2016

llun felin

FOOTPATH to the DOCK: It has finally re-opened between Tai Terfyn and the Dock. Thanks to Gwynedd Council and Cemlyn Williams (Llanddeiniolen) for the work of safeguarding the wall near the steps. I’m in contact with Royal Mail about re-opening the mail box. Thanks to you all for your patience with this project. I have hassled on this, believe you me!

COASTAL PATH: On Monday (April 4) I attended the Gwynedd Planning Committee and spoke about the long-awaited Coastal Path Scheme in Felin. The councillors were unanimous (14 – 0) in their support to move ahead to create a section 26 order in order to designate an 8 metre strip at the back of the front marina houses as a public footpath. This is the last piece of jig-saw required before the Coastal Path can be opened. I have placed the maps on the Community Noticeboard at Felin Sgwrsio. Very good news!

You can see the discussion about the Coastal path on the Gwynedd Council website. (Item starts at 00:09:46)

Click here to read the report which was presented to the Planning Committee

FERODO SITE: There is great concern about safety at the site and I had a meeting with four council officers to voice local concerns and the need to ensure the owner does more to secure the site. The officers agreed to try to get better security measures put in place and to monitor the situation. Please remember it is amn offence to trespass there and that it is highly dangerous to do so.

WORK FOLLOWING FLOODING: Work has been carried out under the road at the junction of Gwylan Uchaf at the top end of Bush Road where there were floods on Boxing Day. The Afon Heulyn footpath is still closed as the wall needs re-building; the rocks have been removed from the river.

DOCK: It’s good to see the Dock being rejuvenated and thanks to the owner for carrying out substantial work to improve the wall near the road. There are a number of businesses down in this area – with Dafydd Hardy estate agent the latest to locate there. The area is well worth a visit and a call at the Swellies café! I estimate that there are more than 60 small businesses in Felin now, a major employer in our community.

CONDITION OF RIOAD SURFACES – BUSH ROAD AND SEAVIEW: These remain on the Council’s list of roads that need re-surfacing. Let’s hope they get priority before long. This is another matter I continue to communicate with the Council about but with no success so far. The cuts to local government budgets do not help matters with the Council having to prioritise social care and education.

MAY 5 ELECTION: I will be spending the next few weeks campaigning in order to try to win the Arfon seat in the National Assembly. I will continue my work at county councillor during April but I will not be holding surgeries at Felin Sgwrsio. If I am elected, the people of Felinheli will be able to elect a new county councillor in due course. I’m available on 07775 642202 or e-mail

18/03/2016 Upgrading popular Felinheli footpath

llun felin

Part of the upgraded path
Substantial work to upgrade a footpath in Y Felinheli has recently been completed by Gwynedd Council which has improved access to a popular beach in the area.
The scheme to upgrade the footpath on Ffordd Glan y Môr, Felinheli past the health centre towards Rowen beach on the Menai Straits has been funded with a grant of £12,000 from Natural Resources Wales. The work was co-ordinated by the Gwynedd Council’s Rights of Way Team.
Councillor Dafydd Meurig Regulatory Cabinet Member for Gwynedd Council who leads on footpaths said: “I am delighted to see that the work of upgrading this popular route has been completed. It is an important resource for the local community, with the path leading towards Rowen beach, and linking to Lôn Las Menai and the Coastal Path.
“This has been a popular route for many years, and as a result its condition had deteriorated and was in need of improvements over recent months.
“We are grateful to the local landowners for their cooperation in realising the scheme which included improving the footpath’s surface, building steps from scratch, installing a railing and clearing overgrowth. This means that the path is now far more accessible to use and it is now much easier to visit Rowen beach.”
Councillor Sian Gwenllian, who represents Y Felinheli on Gwynedd Council added: “It is wonderful to have a safe and high quality path down to the beach in Rowen and the whole community are extremely grateful to Gwynedd Council for arranging the work and to the Gelli engineering company for carrying out the work.

llun felin

“The footpath has existed for many years with permission from the farmer to cross the field down towards the fantastic spot by the Menai. After the construction of the medical centre in part of the field, an opportunity came to substantially upgrade the footpath so that more people could access Rowen.
“Local families and fishermen have enjoyed the location for many years but by now, access is far easier and many more people will be able to enjoy going for walks in the area.
“I am very pleased with the cooperation between landowners and all partners involved in the project, it has been on my ‘to do list’ as a county Councillor! Thank you very much everyone”
The work has been funded through the Welsh Government’s Rights of Way Improvement Plan which is administrated by Natural Resources Wales, with the aim of securing improved access for the public to the countryside.


08.03.16 Sian Gwenllian’s Councillor Report – March 2016

steps cei

QUAY STEPS – I am very pleased to see that building work has started near the Quay Steps – I have been pressing for some time for the re-opening of this public footpath which is such an important link between two parts of the village. The work of building a new buttress started on Feb 29th. It’s hoped the work will be completed within four weeks. The contractor is Cemlyn Williams (Llanddeiniolen) and Osian Gruffydd is the engineer responsible for supervising the work and the main contact in Gwynedd Council.

GWYNEDD COUNCIL CUTS – On March 3, the full Council agreed to a package of far-reaching cuts worth £4.94 Million. Without these cuts, it would not have been possible to set a budget. It was agreed to increase the tax 3.9%. The details about the cuts can be seen by following the link. COUNCIL CUTS They are the direct consequence of the financial policies of Westminster.

SOLAR PARK COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTION– at last £5000 has been transferred to the Community Council by Lighthouse, the company responsible for the Solar Park near Parcia. This was the ‘community benefit’ that I secured on behalf of Y Felinheli and Caernarfon. I am recommending that the Community Council earmarks the money for village improvements.

FERODO SITE - Officers from Gwynedd Council have recently visited the site following my complaints about matters reported in the press. Following this, officers have notified the site owners of locations where the fence needs reinforcing. As the site is a former industrial site, the owners has a responsibility to ensure that no-one can trespass the site, especially since substantial reclamation work needs to be done before the site can be redeveloped. Officers are in discussions with the owners to find a way forward. I will be meeting officers to get an update on this.

JETTY opposite GARDD FON - the condition of the jetty has been deteriorating for some time. Historically it was used by passengers travelling to and from Moel y Don. A council officer has agreed to visit the jetty upon low tide at the middle of this month so that he can check the condition of the jetty and observe what needs to be done. He will also inspect the track that runs to the jetty which is currently full of puddles despite work being carried out there recently by Gwynedd Council.

BEACH ROAD PLAY AREA – Thanks to everyone who supported the Community Council’s project to improve the quality of the area. We will soon know exactly how much money will be coming through the Bags of Help TESCO scheme. The development includes:
• Buying equipment suitable for children in wheel chairs so that they can play with their peers
• buying and planting plants in the area
• The project will not only give disabled children an opportunity to use the area, it will also enhance the look of the fence.


COASTAL FOOTPATH – The matter has to go before the Gwynedd Planning Committee for permission to move on with the last legal steps that need to be taken. This is so that the last piece of jig-saw can be in place before the Council can move ahead with the path in the Marina area. All but one of the landowners have now agreed. The hope is for the path to be created this summer.

NIGHT IN THE Vic - Plaid Cymru Felinheli branch is organising an evening on Friday to wish me luck with my campaign to be elected to the National Assembly on May 5. All are very welcome but you need to book tickets beforehand please. Details on the poster.


07.03.16 Aberpwll Units

Location: Hen Ysgol Aberpwll, Y Felinheli.
Offices of various sizes have been completely renovated.
Communal kitchen facilities, toilets and shower.
Staff and customer parking.
Near the center of the village and convenient to Bangor and Caernarfon. A stone's throw from the A55 and Lôn Las Arfon cycle path. Post Office in Village, and Café, Fish and Chip Shop and pubs open all day.
The office is a former center for television company Cwmni Da, with units of different sizes suitable for hire individually or together. Could be rented by individuals, companies or firms who are established or start up’s.
One part of the building has already been rented for use as a hair salon.

For more details and viewing e-mail Subject ; ABERPWLL

ABERPWLL LOWER 1. = 12 Sq Mtr £240 per month.
ABERPWLL LOWER 2. = 11 Sq Mtr £220 per month.
ABERPWLL LOWER 3. = 20 Sq Mtr £400 per month.
ABERPWLL UPPER 1.. = 17 Sq Mtr £340 per month.
ABERPWLL UPPER 2. = 12 Sq Mtr £240 per month.
ABERPWLL UPPER 3. = 26 Sq Mtr £520 per month.
ABERPWLL UPPER 4. = 33 Sq Mtr £660 per month.

Price to include: Rent, all services i.e. water, electricity and gas, shared kitchen, toilet and shower facility, Parking, waste collection and building security.

EXTRAS: Broadband and Landline telephone to be organised and paid for by renter.

Minimum rental period 12 months, on a full repairing and maintenance contract with 1 months rental deposit in advance required to cover any cost to make good any changes or damage to rented space. All changes to rented space must be agreed before hand with the landlord.

A full standard tenancy contract will be signed by both parties.

23.02.16 Bags of Help for Y Felinheli sea front play area

Y Felinheli Community Council has succeeded in securing funding from Tesco’s Bags of Help initiative.

lle chwarae

Bags of Help offers community groups and projects in each of Tesco’s 390 regions across the UK a share of revenue generated from the five pence charge levied on single-use carrier bags. There were close to 5,000 applications for the scheme and awards granted to up to 1,200 projects. The competition for funding has therefore been very fierce and only projects with the strongest fit with the programme criteria and outcomes were selected.

Cllr Nerys John explains; “The Felinheli Community Council’s application was for funding to enhance the public area on the sea front in the village. There is an already well used play area there which is surrounded by a wire fence supported by concrete pillars. The play area does not currently have facilities for children who are confined to wheelchairs. The grant will enable the Community Council to provide equipment that would provide opportunities for integrated play. It will also include a pathway that makes the integrated play area accessible for wheelchairs. The funding will also serve to create a more attractive and environmentally friendly space as some of the grant will be used to create beds of plants which can withstand sea air conditions and climber plants that will cover the wire fencing. With the Menai Straits as a backdrop, this development is an exciting and valuable development for those who live in Y Felinheli and those who visit the sea front by car, boat, foot or by bike.”

lle chwarae

County Councillor for Y Felinheli, Cllr Sian Gwenllian said: "I am very supportive of this scheme and congratulate the Community Council for their efforts. I urge everyone to vote for it and look forward to seeing the improvements which will be great."

Tesco has teamed up with Groundwork to launch its Bags of Help initiative across hundreds of regions in England and Wales. This project along with the other two successful projects in this area will go forward to a public vote in Tesco stores with customers deciding the outcome. The project with the highest public vote will receive £12,000, the second placed project £10,000 and the third placed project £8,000.

lle chwarae

Y Felinheli Community Council are therefore extremely hopeful that the largest of these grants be awarded to the sea-front project. Outdoor play equipment and the provision of safe flooring is central to ensuring that children with a disability can also enjoy the community play-area. The Community Council are looking to the public vote to favor this project. It is possible for customers to vote in the following Tesco stores – Bethesda, Bangor, Caernarfon and Porthmadog in the week from 27 February until 6 March. Should the Felinheli project be successful then disabled children will at last be able to play with their peers in this beautiful spot on the edge of the Menai Straits. For further information regarding the grant process see


22.02.16 Sian Gwenllian’s Councillor Report – Feb 2016

llwybr rowen

1) Rowen Path – the work of making major improvements to the path that leads to Rowen beach beneath the Medical Centre has been completed. I have been campaigning for this for a long time! Gelli Engineering is carrying out the work after Gwynedd Council received a grant from Natural Resources Wales. The next step is to register the path a ‘public footpath.’ We now have a safe path to the beach with much improved access.

2) Quay steps – the Council has now received permission from the owners of the land ( the company representing Hen Gei Llechi residents) and the work of building a buttress to support the wall will commence on Monday, Feb 29th and should be completed within 4 weeks. Cemlyn Williams (Llanddeiniolen) is the contractor that has been appointed to build the buttress.The path can then be re-opened.

3) Rubbish left after refuse collections – this is being discussed by the Council. Many councillors are complaining about the same matter and pressing for a better system.

4) Parking near the shop – drivers are parking overnight in the loading/unloading bay outside the shop causing traffic jams in the morning as there is no room for lorries to pull in. Gwynedd Council has agreed to paint new lines on the road so that the bay is clearer to see.

3) Lorries are using the road from Nant y Garth to Greenwood, getting stuck, damaging the road and hedges. I have asked Gwynedd Council to look into the matter.

4) ANWYL flats site: complaints about rubbish near the Half Way & vans being parked on grass verges and pavements – I have been in touch with the company and the litter has been cleared and it has been arranged to park the vans at the Half Way car park.


7) Improvements to the Play Area on Beach Rd – the Community Council hope to draw grants so that we can have more equipment and make general improvements. Congratulations to the group for their perseverance. The new plant barrels are an imaginative way of restricting vehicles from the dinghy park.

8) Litter Collection – Thanks to all who came to help. Press Release - click here

9) Anti-social behaviour – some of you may have noticed that vandalism is a problem in some parts of the village. I have been discussing with the relevant agencies and steps are being taken which will hopefully improve the situation.

10) Coed Fodol concerns – there is concern that trees are being cut and work happening at Cae Fodol near the Faenol round-about. I have notified the Gwynedd Council Enforcement Unit as there is no planning permission. The local councillor, Cllr John Wyn Williams is aware of the problem.

11) Syrian Refugees – some excellent work is happening locally and I had the privilege of helping the group to sort clothes for Syria at Dr Zigs, on the Faenol estaste. The items are now on their way to camps on the Syrian border.

12) Work on the Felin by-pass – From Feb 9th onwards, Gwynedd Council on behalf of Welsh Government has been re-surfacing the middle part of the by-pass. The work is taking place between 20:00 and 06:00 – that is, overnight. More information: Barry Naylor Williams 01286 679760

13) Holes Bush Road – the largest holes have been filled. The road remains on the Council’s list of roads that need re-surfacing.

14) Cerrig yr Afon :Thanks to the Community Council members for repairing the fence at Cerrig yr Afon.

15) Floods – Natural resources Wales has concluded the work to remove the rubble following the collapse of the Faenol wall from the Heulyn – between Glanrafon and Bwthyn y Cei. This has restored the channel of the river and in the short term will reduce flood risk in the area. A long term solution needs to be found.

16) Gwynedd Council cuts – the heart-breaking work of prioritising which cuts need to be made so as to set a budget that is £5 million short for 2016/7 and 2017/8 continues. Full Council on March 3 will decide which cuts need to be made and where to set the council tax level.

17) Surgeries– I continue to be available at Felin Sgwrsio most Friday mornings (apart from school holidays) until beginning of April (10.30 – 11.30) During April I will be concentrating on my campaign to be elected to the Welsh Assembly on May 5th. I will of course be available by phone throughout this period – 07775642202 – and will continue to work on behalf of the village. If I win on May 5 (and there is no guarantee of this of course) the people of Y Felinheli will be able to elect a new county councillor.


02.02.16 North Wales Connection – ecology and engineering work update

We wanted to give you a quick update on our ecology and engineering work.

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on our second stage of consultation. The comments we received are really important and we’re now working hard to look carefully at what people have told us.

The themes raised will be included in a feedback report which we’re aiming to publish by summer 2016. The feedback report will give you the opportunity to see what everyone said and how we’re taking this into account.

We know that communities, tourism, landscape and views are things that are really important to the local people. They are important to us too. Over the coming months we’ll be undertaking a range of further surveys and assessments to look at all of these factors in detail.

Our teams are already hard at work carrying out a range of surveys to look at wildlife. These will be undertaken mainly on foot. You may also see the teams taking photographs of the landscape and features such as hedgerows and ponds. The surveys form an important part of our work to help us to better understand the area, especially the ecology.

Our land agents Dalcour Maclaren will continue to work closely with landowners and occupiers in the area to arrange surveys on private land. We survey a wide area so just because we’re surveying a particular piece of land does not mean we’re planning on placing equipment on it or that we’ve chosen a route.

Our engineering team will also be out and about in the local area. They will be climbing pylons to look at the existing line in more detail.

You may also see activity at the Menai over the coming weeks. Our engineers will be drilling small boreholes to look at the type of ground in more detail. This work will be carefully planned so not to be noisy or intrusive. We still have a lot of work to do before we know where and how we’ll cross the Menai and this important work will help us make our decisions.

The results of all this work, alongside local feedback and other important factors, will influence the design of our proposed connection.

We will continue to keep our website up to date and you can still contact us by freephone and email.

Yours sincerely,
North Wales Connection
Community Relations Team

26.01.16 Y Felinheli By-pass – road works for 3 weeks

On behalf of The Welsh Government, Gwynedd Council will be re-surfacing the middle part of the Felinheli by-pass during February.

The work is due to commence on February 9th for three weeks and will be undertaken by Hogan (Construction) Ltd.

The work will be carried out between 20.00 p.m. and 06.00 a.m. – that is over night.

Local Y Felinheli Councillor, Cllr. Sian Gwenllian said:

“I know this is essential work and I’m very glad that it will NOT be undertaken during the day. As the work will happen overnight, the village of Felinheli will avoid the inevitable chaos that would occur had the by-pass been closed during peak hours.

“As there will be no need for drivers to come through Y Felinheli until after eight at night and no need for anyone to come through the village after six in the morning, I very much hope that there won’t be any major problems.

“However, I will be monitoring the situation closely and will discuss with officers if any problems arise. If you for-see that you will be affected by the work and need to discuss with the Council beforehand, please contact me or the Highways Dept. straight away.”

“To decrease any problems for the village, the Council has contacted local lorry companies asking them to avoid Y Felinheli and to use other roads during the period of the work.

“Traffic travelling towards Bangor will be able to use the by-pass and traffic towards Caernarfon will be diverted Y Felinheli overnight.”

More information:

Barry Naylor Williams
Peiriannydd Cynorthwyol / Assistant Engineer
Gwasanaeth Cynnal Priffyrdd a Bwrdeistrefol / Highways and Municipal Maintenance Service
Priffyrdd a Bwrdeistrefol / Highways and Municipal
Cyngor Gwynedd / Gwynedd Council
Stad Ddiwydiannol Cibyn / Cibyn Industrial Estate
Gwynedd. LL55 2BF
Ffon / Tel:- 01286 679760


18.01.16 Healthy Living talk by Osian Evans on Wednesday 20th January




20.01.16 2pm in Y Felin Sgwrsio

Click here for more information



WELSH learners in Y Felinheli are arranging a twmpath dawns( folk dance) to celebrate Santes Dwynwen, the patron saint of Welsh lovers, at the end of January.

The folk group Aderyn Prin will be playing on the night, held by CLWB Y DYSGWYR, which is to be held at the Memorial Hall on Saturday night, January 30.

"It's our Welsh learners who have thought up the idea, and we hope the night will appeal to people of all ages" said Aled G Job, who co-ordinates Welsh learning activities in Y Felinheli.

The entrance price will be £10.00 including food.

The night will start at 7.00 and a bar will also be available.


12.01.16 Councillors’ Report - January 2016

1) Litter Pick - next Saturday, Jan 16 – I am arranging for a group of volunteers to collect rubbish around the village – meet 2 pm at Felin Sgwrsio. All welcome.
2) Felin Daclus – we need to re-establish this group that was formed to attract money towards projects to improve the look of the village.
3) Llwybr Rowen – confirmation that the improvement work will start mid-January.
4) Stepiau Cei – Gwynedd Council in the process of obtaining access permission from the land-owner near the wall so that a safety buttress can be built and the public footpath re-opened.
5) Floods – The Community Council’s Flood Scheme was implemented very effectively. There were problems in 3 places a) Top Bush Road – report and pictures sent to Cyngor Gwynedd b) Afon Heulyn – I’m in contact with Natural Resources Wales who is assessing what needs to be done; the landowner has filled the hole and levelled the land on the public footpath at the far end of the Dock but the footpath along the Afon Heulyn to Glanarfon is closed. c) Lon Las near Half Way – Gwynedd Council has done some work and I await a report on long-term plans.
6) Cerrig yr Afon – the Community Council is responsible for repairing part of the fence that has fallen.
7) Bush Road Pot Holes – situation has worsened since the floods – I am in contact with Gwynedd Council.
8) Afon Menai Mussel Fishery – very constructive meeting at the Sailing Club before Christmas and lot of concerns were allayed. It was explained that there will be no mussel farming on the sand bank. More meetings are to be arranged.
9) Refuse collection – the new arrangements have come into force without difficulty in Felin.


04.01.16 Floods

brodyr gregory yn ysgol felin

Thanks to all who helped with the floods problems. The worse-hit area of Y Felinheli is near the Afon Heulyn in Aberpwll and over to the Dock. Water had flooded two homes and large parts of the Faenol wall have collapsed. A combination of river-flood and high tide. We got sand bags from Gwynedd Council - many thanks - and placed them near Bwthyn y Cei. Natural Resources Wales is assessing the situation near Dock/Afon Heulyn. I’ve presented them with a full report of what happened. The footpath will be closed for some time so please keep away from the area.

brodyr gregory yn ysgol felin

There were problems too as water flowed from the Lon Las between Half Way and the old Penningtons to the back of two houses on Ffordd Bangor - very near their back doors and to the car park of the BT exchange. I have informed the Council o the need for a long term plan here.

And thanks to all who helped at the entrance to Gwylan Uchaf – volunteers did a great job of getting the water to flow in different directions and away from the houses at Lon Llwyn/Trem y Foel/Gwylan Uchaf. I have presented a full report about the drainage problems to Gwynedd Council.

brodyr gregory yn ysgol felin

Thanks to the Community Council members for their hard work - and thanks to the numerous villagers who were so ready to respond to the call for help. Our community at its best.



Afon Heulyn ger bwthyn GlanrafonRiver Heulyn near Glanrafon

Posted by Y Felinheli on Saturday, 26 December 2015


Pen pella'r Doc ger Bwthyn y Cei Far end of the Dock, near Bwthyn y Cei 26.12.2015

Posted by Y Felinheli on Saturday, 26 December 2015

11.12.15 Councillor's Report December 2015


Tomorrow (Sat 12/12/15) Christmas Tea at Felin Gylchu 2 – 4 pm £3

A Fair will be held at Y Faenol on Sunday December 13 at 11am - 7pm. The proceeds from the stall fees, raffle and parking will go to ‘North Wales Refugee Network’ and then used to buy shoes for refugees on the islands of Leros, Lesbos & Chios. There will be a variety of traditional stalls, including local businesses and craftspeople. If you are interested in having a stall, contact or Each stall will cost £7.

The Community Council will be pleased to accept applications for financial assistance from charities and societies of the village by 31st December 2015. Every application (application form on the Council website) should be sent together with a copy of the annual financial report for the society to the Clerk Heather Lynne Jones, 3 Maes Padarn, Llanberis, Gwynedd, LL55 4TE

Click here to view the report in full.

25.11.15 Restricted use to Sand Bank at Moel y Don?

Consultation on creating a mussel & oyster fishery opposite Y Felinheli

There are proposals to create a fishery to cultivate shellfish on the shores of the Menai Straits which may result in restricting the use of the sandbank at Moel Y Don opposite Y Felinheli.

The Menai Strait Fishery Order Management Association has applied to the Welsh Ministers for a Several Order under the Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) Act 1967 as amended, to confer on them rights of several fisheries for oysters and mussels in 4 areas within the Western part of the Menai Straits.

The order would allow lease holders to cultivate shellfish and restrict use by others.

Area A in the application covers an area on the Anglesey shore opposite Y Felinheli extending from opposite the eastern end of the Marina houses to somewhere opposite Plas Menai, between high and low water levels.

The order would allow lease holders to lay down mussels in the area and it would be illegal for anyone to interfere with them.

This means the sandy beach opposite Y Felinheli could be covered in mussels and anyone venturing into the area could risk prosecution.

The Felinheli Sailing Club has voiced several concerns:

  • The Felinheli Sailing Club uses the area concerned extensively, as the shallower water is particularly suitable as a training area
  • Boats could no longer land on the sandy beach
  • It is a very popular area for fishermen and walkers
  • The Menai Straits is of significant importance from an ecological point of view
  • It is a unique recreational resort drawing many people to the area and contributes significantly to the local economy.

However the scheme could bring economic benefits to the area. Perhaps there is scope for discussion to limit the precise area that would be used, excluding the sand bank?

The order is currently in a consultation stage and Cllr Sian Gwenllian has asked for an extension arguing that no-one knew about the consultation until very recently.

However, we may not get that extension. The closing date is 29 November 2015.

Here is the link to the consultation page -

You can send comments to:

Welsh Government Fisheries Unit
Rhodfa Padarn
SY23 3UR



24.11.15 Ready for winter? Help us Wrap Up Wales

Click here to see our video

With the cold weather just about upon us, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water is asking you to join our ‘Wrap Up Wales’ campaign to help avoid the disruption and inconvenience that frozen water pipes cause many households and businesses. We are urging people to spend a few moments to protect their pipes from bursting and causing damage that can run into thousands of pounds.

As part of the campaign, there’s an online test at to see if your home or business is ready for winter and get a free lagging kit to protect outdoor pipes from the cold weather.

To help raise awareness of the campaign, we are asking for your help. If you could display the poster attached or mention us on Facebook or simply follow and retweet our messages to spread our Wrap Up Wales message.


24.11.15 Applications for Financial Assistance

The Council will be pleased to accept applications for financial assistance from charities and societies of the village by 31st December 2015. Every application (application form on the Council website) should be sent together with a copy of the annual financial report for the society to the Clerk Heather Lynne Jones, , 3 Maes Padarn, Llanberis, Gwynedd, LL55 4TE

Click here for more information


24.11.15 Don’t get conned out of Christmas


With Christmas fast approaching more and more of us are going online to order Christmas presents, food shopping or even book a winter holiday.

North Wales Police Cybercrime team have provided the attached leaflets from Action Fraud to help you take all necessary precautions in safeguarding yourself and your finances.

Please take the time to read these hints and tips to make sure it’s a festive season to remember for all the right reasons.

As always if you think you have been a victim of online fraud report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 20 40 or by visiting


18.11.15 National Grid Consultation

Click here to read the letter


18.11.15 Quay Steps / Refuse Collection

QUAY STEPS: Some of you will have noticed that the Quay steps (leading down from Terfyn Terrace) are now closed after being open for a short time. Councillor Sian Gwenllian is working hard to get them re-opened as this is an important public footpath in Felin. Someone had removed the fences without permission but Gwynedd Council has had to place new ones there because the wall above the steps is DANGEROUS especially in this wet weather. This is a nuisance but it would be awful if someone was injured. The Council is seeking permission to go on the land to build a buttress to make the wall safe so that the path can be re-opened. Sian has been campaigning for this and will continue to do so, so that the steps can be re-opened as soon as possible. They have been closed for far too long already.

REFUSE COLLECTION/RE-CYCLING : The new arrangements have started with the green bin being emptied every 3 weeks and the blue boxes/cart emptied each week.
Not everyone has received the new carts yet but they are on their way. If you are having any difficulties, contact me or send a message to or phone 01766 771000


13.11.15 Y Felin Sgwrsio - Winter Fair

In Memorial Hall


11am - 3.30pm

For more details - click here


10.11.15 Councillor's Report November 2015 (No Pylons to Pentir)

I would like to remind everyone to take part in the consultation Gwynedd’s Challenge about the cuts that Gwynedd Council are forced into making because of Government financial policies. You can fill the questionnaire on-line or visit any library for a paper copy. The Council is asking the people of Gwynedd which services they would save and which ones are less important. The Council is seeking the opinions of the public before the councillors have to take very difficult decisions in the spring.

The National Grid is holding a second consultation about the Pylons. All the details on or at the Medical Centre. This could mean more pylons in the Nant Y Garth area.
Meeting by the Grid : Sat, Nov 21, Y Felinheli Memorial Hall 10-4 * Report below

Click here to view the report in full.


05.11.15 Grass Cutting at Llanfairisgaer Council Cemetery

Tenders are invited for cutting the grass of the Council’s Cemetery at Llanfairisgaer, to commence in April 2016, and thereafter monthly for five months (6 cuts) for three years.

It will be necessary to demonstrate appropriate insurance cover, and the contractor is expected to remove the cuttings.

It is possible that further cuts may be requested but such cuts would be at the behest of the Council and would be paid pro rata.

For further information contact the Clerk. All prices must be submitted to the Clerk by 4pm 5 January 2016, in a sealed envelope marked clearly TENDER: LLANFIRISGAER.

Heather Lynne Jones, Council Clerk, 3 Maes Padarn, Llanberis, Gwynedd.
LL55 4TE 01286 872655/07867 982518

27.10.15 "Town and Police Clauses Act, 1847 - Section 21" Road Closure

Bangor Street, Y Felinheli - Remembrance Sunday 2015

Order - Remembrance Sunday 2015 - click here

Notice - Remembrance Sunday 2015 - click here


20.10.15 Halloween Bash, Saturday, October 31

Fancy dress party to raise money towards five cancer charities.

- Ty Gobaith
- Cancer Research
- #TeamIrfon
- MacMillan
- Breast Cancer Research

Food, bands, disco and more! Come and support the cause!
Tickets can be purchased in Londis, Y Felinheli.


16.10.15 Gwyl Y Felinheli Dates 2015/16

20/12/15 Christmas Night 5pm in the Church House

Easter Monday – Games for the children 10.30/ Duck Race 12.00

Bingo in the Fic every last Thursday of the month except December 17/12/15 (if anyone requires a lift to the Bingo, contact a member of the committee)

2016 Festival June 24 to July 2nd


15.10.15 Brodyr Gregory visit Ysgol Y Felinheli

brodyr gregory yn ysgol felin

Brodyr Gregory comedy duo recently visited the school with an educational show about the importance of re-cycling, not throwing rubbish and clearing up dog foul.



INDIVIDUALS who would like to learn Welsh in Y Felinheli now have two new opportunities to learn the language in the village.

The first Welsh learning session will be held at Y Palas Pinc( Pink Palace) between 7.00 and 8.00 on Monday nights, starting on Monday night, October 12.

The second learning session is already up and running at Y Felin Sgwrsio between 9.00 and 10.30 on Tuesday mornings.

Both sessions make use of the new T.P.R( Total Physical Response) method, which uses a kinesthetic approach to learning Welsh, where the language is linked to physical movement in a wide range of real life settings.

“Being able to offer both an evening class and a morning class will hopefully attract a wider range of people who would like to start learning Welsh in Y Felinheli” said tutor Aled G Jôb.

“Learning Welsh through TPR is a fun, stress-free process which is very different to conventional language learning methods.”

Both sessions will also feature a local language learner who will model the actions and movements to be covered as part of the language teaching .

“It’s good to involve learners in this way because it shows new learners that not only is learning Welsh possible, but that it can also lead to new opportunities to be part of the local community”

More details from Aled on: 07818 068 205 or


01.10.15 Gwyl y Felinheli Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Gwyl y Felinheli Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday Night the 14th of October in Felin Sgwrsio at 7.00

23.09.15 Enjoy a fund-raising coffee morning as you get your flu jabs!

Y Felinheli councillor Sian Gwenllian has once again teamed with staff at the Felinheli Medical Centre for this year’s Macmillan Coffee Morning.

The Felinheli ‘World Biggest Coffee Morning’ will be held at the Medical Centre at 11.00 a.m. Friday, September 25 and all are welcome. Similar coffee mornings are being held all over Wales to raise money to support those suffering from cancer.

Sian Gwenllian said: “This is the sixth year that we have hosted the Macmillan Coffee Morning in Felinheli,”

“It is being held at Medical Centre and it is also an opportunity for people to get their flu jabs at the same time.”

Sally Lloyd-Davies, Practice Manager said: “We will be offering a walk in flu clinic on Friday for all our patients – young and old to co-incide with the Coffee Morning.

“We have some great raffle prizes and we wish to thank everyone for their kind donations. All our staff have volunteered to make a cake. It’s a great opportunity for the Medical Centre and the local community to come together to support this important charity.

Sian added: “I hope that we can raise a lot of funds for the charity and any cakes will be greatly received at the surgery from 9 o’clock onwards on Friday, Sept 25. Everyone is welcome to come along to the event. Volunteers from Felin Sgwrsio and the Community Council will be also on hand to help."


23.09.15 Gwynedd Council Cuts









08.09.15 MEDDWL YN DDA (Thinking Well)

DO you live with depression/anxiety?

Do these conditions affect your ability to live life to the full?

Would you like to learn about some of the latest techniques to deal with depression/anxiety in creative and positive ways?

If so, why not come along to a new group which starts up in Y Felin Sgwrsio this month:


The group will feature different speakers who will present information about how things like exercise, healthy eating, community engagement, keeping contact with people, partaking in arts and crafts ,and volunteering can really help people deal with these conditions. There will also be an opportunity for the group members to exchange information about what helps them in their individual lives.

The first meeting of IECHYD DA will be held on Thursday, September 17 at 12.00 in Y Felin Sgwrsio, Y Felinheli.

More details from Aled G Job: 07818 068 205




TODAY (2pm - 5pm)

Weds Sept 9 (10am - 5pm)

Friday, Sept 11 (10am - 5pm)

Saturday 12 (12pm - 5pm)


03.09.15 Councillor Sian Gwenllian’s Report August / September 2015

1) The Tour of Britian will be at Nant y Garth Sunday, Sept 6 and ROADS WILL BE CLOSED in and out of Felin in the Bangor/ Llanberis direction from 11 till 2. Come along to the bottom of Nant y Garth by around 12 to see the cyclists passing by.

2) Two planning applications will be discussed at the Committee on Monday, Sept 9: Quayside Gates and adaptations to Bron Menai, Ffordd Helen.
I have declared an interest with the first as members of the family live nearby and so I will not be allowed to speak at the meeting.

3) Gwynedd Council is due to begin a public consultation on the £9M worth of CUTS that need to be and I would urge you all to take part. The Council will be holding a drop-in-session at Felin Sgwrsio on Tues Sept 29th 3 till 5.30 p.m.

Click here to view the report in full.


01.09.15 Courses for Adults










01.09.15 Cold Caller

We have received a call from a member of the public who lives in Tywyn, Gwynedd. She was contacted via telephone recently by a male saying that he is a sky engineer and that he had all of her passwords and bank details, but he needed to change her password.

This lady refused to give him any of her details and at this point he became rude to her on the phone. She has then put the phone down and called sky directly. They have advised this was not any of their engineers.

Please be aware of this, if anyone ever calls you and asks for bank details, pin codes or passwords then always advise them that you will call the company directly on a different line. When you do this please make sure you wait at least 30 minutes before making a new call and call a trusted number from previous correspondence and not a number the caller provides over the phone.

If you have any scams to report please visit the action fraud website. This website will show you all scams that they are aware of and lets you report anything new.

27.08.15 Active Travel

The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 commenced during September 2014. The Act requires local authorities to continuously improve facilities and routes for pedestrians and cyclists and to prepare maps identifying current and potential future routes for their use.The Act also requires new road schemes (including road improvement schemes) to consider the needs of pedestrians and cyclists at design stage.

Drop in sessions

As part of the consultation process, drop in session will be held at the following locations:
- 21/09/2015 Bangor Library Foyer (11:00 – 18:00)
- 25/09/2015 Caernarfon Library Community Room (11:00 – 18:00)

These sessions are an opportunity for members of the public to drop by and have a look at the maps and discuss aspects of the plans with Gwynedd Council officers. It is also an opportunity for member of the public to share their opinions and comments about the facilities available for pedestrians and cyclists in Gwynedd.


14.08.15 WEA courses


Click here for more details



Click here for more details

Each course will run for 6 weeks at a cost of £45 for the 6 weeks.


14.08.15 Tour of Britain

The famous cycling event Tour of Britain in the Felinheli area on Sept 6! Roads will be closed in the Faenol and Nant y Garth area. Here are the details Click here for details

Gwynedd Council News "Gwynedd Welcomes Tour of Britain"

31.07.15 Cylch Meithrin raises £10,000










31.07.15 Launching the Felinheli history & walks map


23.07.15 Felinheli Vlog


22.07.15 Digwyddiad Lawnsio Prosiect Mentro Mlaen GISDA yng Nghaernarfon (Welsh Only)

Prosiect ydyw, sydd yn gweithio gyda phobl ifanc yn ardaloedd Arfon, Dwyfor a Meirionnydd, i gynnyddu eu hyder a'u sgiliau er mwyn eu galluogi i gael mynediad i waith.

Cynhelir Digwyddiad Caernarfon yn Ty'r Ysgol ar y 30ain o Orffennaf, ac mae hefyd ddigwyddiadau ym Mhwllheli ar y 29ain, ac ym Mlaenau Ffestiniog ar y 31ain.





13.07.15 Councillor Sian Gwenllian’s Report July 2015

Tafarngrisiau Road: Hogans will be re-surfacing the road on behalf of Gwynedd Council for a period of up to two weeks from July 27 onwards. Further information from Barry Naylor Williams on 01286 679760.

Caernarfon/Bontnewydd by-pass: improvements have been introduced near Crug which means that there will be local access. The latest map can be seen on the Community Council noticeboard in Felin Sgwrsio.

Ffynnon Fair: Alun Ffred Jones, AM has been in touch with Jones-Bros, the company implementing the by-pass scheme, noting concern about the historical well that could be buried. Following a site visit, I understand that efforts are to be made to safeguard the well.

Click here to view the report in full.


09.07.15 Golygfa Menai flats : Anwyl Homes at Y Felinheli

Message from Beresford Adams

As you may be aware, Anwyl Homes are currently building a new development of 17 apartments at Golygfa Menai, Felinheli. Beresford Adams are acting as the marketing agent for this development, and would like, prior to the official marketing launch to offer a first opportunity for local buyers to purchase.

Additionally, these apartment are available to purchase with Help to Buy Wales (for new builds) – allowing you to potentially benefit from a 20% equity loan from the Welsh Assembly.

Furthermore, two of the apartments will be offered for sale on an affordable basis: please contact the office for further details.

For more details about any of the above, or if you have any other questions, please contact Beresford Adams Bangor.

Beresford Adams
282 Stryd Fawr
LL57 1UL
01248 352126


08.07.15 Felinheli Festival : outstanding success

Cllr Sian Gwenllian, Y Felinheli and member of the Gwyl y Felin organising committee said:

This year's Festival was an outstanding success and we were glad to welcome two celebs to our midst : Hollywood actor Rhys Ifans and football legend Ian Rush!

The Quiz and Cheese and Wine nights saw the Marquee full to the brim : the largest ever attendance for these events. A bingo night was held for the first time proving very popular as was another innovation:a Gig with local Welsh bands.

The local produce fair, family games and walk, trip and 10 K race were as popular as ever as were the Noson Lawen and Carnival Day itself on Saturday.

I've been a member of the Festival committee for the past 2 years and can vouch to the tireless work of the volunteers, many of whom take a week's holiday to help at the Festival.

Thanks to all who are involved in bringing our community together to a great location by the Menai Straits to celebrate our unique village of Y Felinheli. "


08.07.15 Open Day at Glyn’s Work-shop

An open day is to be held next week (July 14) at a shed in Y Felinheli as the first step towards forming Caban Y Felinheli, a meeting place for anyone interested in socialising in a work-place environment, using the tools in the shed and developing practical skills.

Glyn Lancaster Jones has been a boat-maker at Y Felinheli for 30 years and as he nears retirement, he has embarked on a project to open up his shed for others in the area who would be interested in getting together as a group to make things and socialise at the same time.

"I approached Cllr Sian Gwenllian with my idea and she has encouraged me to move ahead. She is helping me arrange the Open Day at the shed which is in the boat-yard at Dinas, Y Felinheli.

“Anyone is welcome to call in between 10 and 4 on July 14th. We can see then if there is enough interest in forming Caban Y Felinhelii at the shed as a voluntary group. 

"I got interested in the idea after learning about an organisation called Men's Sheds which operates in various venues across Wales. I hope there will be sufficient interest to get a group up and running in my workshop at Felinheli.'


29.06.15 Menter Fachwen Walks

Weds 22 July 7.00 p.m.
Memorial Hall,
an evening of talks, exhibitions and films including material collected during our reseacrh into the history of Y Felinheli.

Thurs 30 July 10.00 a.m.
Y FELINHELI: BODANDREG and TAN Y MAES – Stories and Spirits (5 Miles)
HILLS / Public footpaths. Walking Shoes.


29.06.15 Please visit the Gwyl y Felin website for details about all the week's events.

Click on 'English' button top right hand corner.
There will be road closures at certain times. The parade will strat from HEN GEI LLECHI this year for the first time and roads will be closed between 12 and 1 next Saturday, July 4. Please tell your neighbours and friends.



26.06.15 Road closures during Felinheli Festival Week

1. The road known as Beach Road, Y Felinheli from its junction with Snowdon Street (near Tafarn y Garddfôn) for a distance of approximately 320 metres to a point near to the entrance of the Sailing Club car park will be closed to motor vehicles including bicycles between 5.00 p.m. and 10.00 p.m. on the 1st July, 2015. (In order to hold a 10k Race).

2. The road known as Beach Road, Y Felinheli from its junction with Snowdon Street (near Tafarn y Garddfôn) for a distance of approximately 320 metres to a point near to the entrance of the Sailing Club car park will be closed to motor vehicles including bicycles between 10.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. on the 4th July, 2015. (In order to hold a Carnival).

3. The road known as Hen Cei Llechi, Y Felinheli from a point near to the Halfway Public House to number 1 Hen Cei Llechi will be closed to motor vehicles including bicycles between between 12.00 noon and 1.00 p.m. on the 4th July, 2015.

4. The road known as Bangor Street, Y Felinheli from a point near to the Halfway Public House to the junction near Pen Ceunant will be closed to motor vehicles including bicycles between 12.30 p.m. and 1.00 p.m. on the 4th July, 2015. (Carnival Procession).

The penalty for infringement of the said regulation is a fine not exceeding ONE THOUSAND POUNDS (£1,000.00)


19.06.15 Gypsy site

Planning Application for gypsy site at Cae Fodol near Y Faenol/Ty Golchi REJECTED by Gwynedd Council Planning Committee. You can see the full discussion on the web-cast (click on 'English' button for full translation. 1.13 mins into meeting)

Planning Committee - Gwynedd Council Webcast




Grŵp Iaith y Felinheli (Felinheli Language Group) brings together Felinheli people who want to see the Welsh language continue to thrive as a relevant and vital part of life in the community.

With the support of hunaniaith: the Gwynedd wide menter iaith, Osian Owen a member of Grŵp Iaith y Felinheli created his own vlog.  A vlog is simply a blog recorded on video:  video+blog = vlog.  The vlog aims to demonstrate to everyone how the Welsh language is part of the fabric of everyday life for a young person in Felinheli and how vital it is that the language retains its place at the centre of village life.

Osian’s vlog shows aspects of his daily life and how each aspect naturally takes place in Welsh.  As he takes a walk around the village he interviews several local people about their attitudes to Welsh and why the language, for a variety of reasons is important to them.

Grŵp Iaith y Felinheli hope that as many local people as possible get to see the vlog during Gŵyl y Felin week.  Enjoy watching it at:  the Festival launch at y Felingylchu on Friday, June 26th; in the marquee from 5.30 p.m., Monday 29th before the children’s film begins; in the marquee before the quiz on Tuesday evening, June 30th and again on Saturday afternoon in the marquee during the carnival. Following Gŵyl y Felin the vlog can be seen on and on the Felinhlei Facebook profile.

After seeing the vlog Grŵp Iaith y Felinheli asks everyone to reflect on three things:

  • what the Welsh language means to them?
  • what kind of place would Felinheli be without the Welsh language?
  • what they can do to make sure the Felinheli will never lose the Welsh language?

Thanks to everyone who took part in the vlog:

Osian Owen, Dylan Bryn, Nerys Owen,  Sian Gwenllian, Beverley Jones, Hannah Swann.  

Thanks also to the Gŵyl y Felin Committee, the Londis Store and Swellies Café. 

Production: Sioned Jones, hunaniaith, Eleth Peate, Gwynedd Council.


Good News and Bad News

Good news: Gwynedd Council has secured a grant to improve the path down to Rowen to include new surface, steps and handrail.
Bad news: concerns about road safety means path down to the Dock from Bangor Street has to remain closed. New assessment in 2 weeks.


Update - Planning Application Cae Fodol

Planning application Cae Fodol (Gypsy site) being discussed at Planning Committee 15.06.2015 "As Felinheli councillor I have had an opportunity to consult with villagers about this application, including holding a public meeting with the Community Council. We are 100% against this development. I note that the planning officers are recommending refusal and I agree with the reasons. It does not make sense to build a caravan park in a recognised flood zone or within a corridor of important wild-life and it is an over-development of the site, lacking in amenities."


Councillor Sian Gwenllian’s report  JUNE 2015

  • CUTS: Gwynedd Council, like all councils, is going through a process of making cuts. I am attending a series of 5 workshops to discuss the possibilities before the public is invited to give its views. The Council needs to agree to £9M worth of cuts by March 2016.
  • Church Hall: I attended a constructive meeting to discuss improving the Hall and making use of the land at the back for community car parking.
  • Steps leading down to Dock:  the Council has re-opened but have put safety measures in place at the bottom as there is still concern about public safety.
  • Cae Fodol Planning Permission for Gypsy site: up for discussion at Planning Committee 15.06.2016.

Read the full report

Summer Fete
Raising money for Nepal
Y Felin Gylchu
Saturday June 13
11am - 4pm.
Afternoon teas and various stalls


National Grid - Community Update

North Wales Connection Project Spring 2015 - click here


Family Bingo

Click the image for more information


Gŵyl y Felin T-shirts from Hunaniaith

During Gŵyl y Felin week hunaniaith will be sharing out T-shirts amongst young people in the village. Hunaniaith works to encourage people to use the Welsh that they have and to be proud to be able to do so. These T-shirts, unique to Felinheli and unavailable anywhere else, aim to raise young people’s awareness of being able to speak Welsh and that living in Felinheli is an integral part of that Welsh identity. Are you good with words and concepts and putting the two together? A catchy, short and slick slogan or saying is needed for the front of the T-shirts. If you can think of a clever slogan get in touch with Ifan at hunaniaith at

lineWorld Wide Knit in Public Day
Better living through stiching together.
Outside Felin Sgwrsio on June 13 from 1 pm till 4.30 (inside if raining )
Information from Myfanwy 07767210825
Come and join us. Tea/ coffee, raffle and prize quiz.


Y Felinheli Welsh Language Group : Latest News

Meeting, Wednesday, 13/05/2015, Y Felin Sgwrsio - click here


Thursday May 21
6.30 p.m.
Felin Sgwrsio
(one and a half miles)
Names to Myfanwy 07767 210825


May 2015

Ffordd Tafarngrisiau: I have been in regular contact with Gwynedd Council officers about the deteriorating condition of this road. Some work has been done but I understand that the road has now been prioritised for major re-surfacing work.  

Paths around the Quay: Meetings have been held recently between Gwynedd Council officers and the owner of the harbour to discuss the recently erected security gates and pontoon at Hen Gei Llechi. It has been agreed that a listed building application needs to be submitted for all the new gates including gates above the ladders on the dock wall. Also a planning application needs to be submitted for the pontoon. A structural report will have to be submitted with the application as to the condition and strength of the wall to accommodate the pontoon.  Once such applications are submitted there will be a consultation period when members of the public and the Community Council will be able to respond...More


Over £1,200 for Nepal

Two recent events at Y Felinheli raised over £1,200 for the Nepal Appeal. Simon Hall talked of his experiences climbing Everest at Plas Menai raising £714 for the British Red Cross' Nepal Earthquake Appeal. Over £500 was raised on Election Day at Felin Sgwrsio by selling cakes, raffles and drinks. Thanks Roberts of Port Dinorwic for their help. Well done everyone.


Application to build 14 houses at Cae Rowen

An Outline application for the erection of 14 dwellings together with the construction of a new access and estate road, provision of allotments and associated new access and parking has been presented for land at Cae Rowen, below the Medical Centre.The Community Council has expressed its objection as the land is outside the village development boundary. The application will be discussed by Gwynedd Planning Committee. The Application number is C15/0416/20/AM.


Theft in Y Felinheli

Sometime between 9.20pm on 24th April and 5.30am on 25th April, a garage has been broken into in Y Felinheli. A yellow Karcher vacuum and pressure washer have been stolen, stimated to be worth £240. If you have any information please contact North Wales Police by dialling 101 quoting reference number  RC15058606


Evening to raise funds for Nepal

Mount Everest
A Himalayan Odyssey by Simon Hall
In aid of the Nepal Earthquake Appeal

In 2007 Simon led a team of eight climbers to the summit of Mount Everest.
Those who know the Himalayas will appreciate that the support of the Sherpas and the Nepalese people is crucial to the majority of expeditions. This community has suffered a devastating earthquake with catastrophic human consequences. Simon hopes to raise money for the Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Appeal by sharing his
experience on Mount Everest.

There is no ticket fee for this event and everyone is welcome.

Donations to the British Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Friday 8 May 2015 at 7pm
Plas Menai

More information

Tidy Work by Y Felinheli Volunteers

image: Gwynedd Council

A number of Y Felinheli residents have recently came together to improve the appearance and local environment in the community by collecting litter around the village.

The group of volunteers, which included children and adults, borrowed equipment from Gwynedd Council's Tidy Towns team, and went about one night to tackle specific areas in the village.

Councillor Sian Gwenllian who represents Y Felinheli on Gwynedd Council said: "Thanks to the 15 local people who came out to collect litter in the village. Around 20 full bags of litter was collected by concentrating on the worst parts in the village. Every area is now clean and tidy and the village is looking great in the sunshine." Full Article


April 2015 - Cllr Sian Gwenllian’s Report

Litter Pick around the village
Leaving the SCHOOL on THURSDAY 23 April 6 till 8. All welcome. Picks and bibs provided.

Cae Fodol: the planning application is expected to be discuses at the Planning Committee meeting at the end of May....

Click here to read the full Report


Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011, Section 116 - Notice of Co-Option

More details - click here


Path to Rowen Closed

The owner of the path down to Rowen beach has sent a message saying that the path is CLOSED due to it's condition.
Gwynedd Council has agreed to apply for a grant to improve the path so that it can be officially registered as a public footpath that would be permanently open to the public.


Click the image for more information


Cllr Sian Gwenllian’s Report

Click here to read the April 2015 Report

More than 700 people visit Caernarfon to Bontnewydd Bypass public exhibition 

More than 700 people attended three public exhibitions providing information on the A487 Caernarfon to Bontnewydd Bypass. 

Almost 2,000 people also visited the project’s website, which contains a wealth of information and documents relating to the project, as well as a 3D visualisation of the proposed route. 

The exhibition, which gave members of the public an opportunity to speak to project officers, took place over three consecutive days in Caernarfon, Bontnewydd and Caeathro. 

Bryn Williams, Public Liaison Officer for the A487 Caernarfon to Bontnewydd Bypass, said: “We were very pleased with the turnout, and it was great to meet with local residents to talk about the project. 

“We’re now collecting together all of the opinions and feedback from across the three days, and are planning a further public exhibition in June. 

“Anybody that was unable to attend the exhibitions can find further information on the project website at” 


Anti Social Behaviour at Schools Over the Easter Holiday

As the school Easter holidays are nearly upon us, Police would like to ask parents and schools for their support in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour on school premises. Schools have limited budgets and have to pay for graffiti and vandalism, money which is better spent on education. Parents are asked to check where their children are and to tell them to avoid school premises over Easter.

Anyone who witnesses suspicious behaviour in or around Schools or at school buildings is urged to contact North Wales Police. If you witness a crime in progress always dial 999. Non-emergency calls should be made to 101 or via Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111
North Wales Police  would like to wish you a very happy and safe Easter break



On the morning of the great eclipse during the last couple of weeks in March something else held the attention of a group of business people in Felinheli.  With the support of hunaniaith, a Business Breakfast was arranged on behalf of Grŵp Iaith y Felinheli and the Felinheli Business Forum at the Swellies café on the dockside.  The event was planned so that business owners in Felinheli could see for themselves the advantages to be had from increasing the use of Welsh in their businesses. The event was targeted at business people able to speak Welsh as well as those unable to speak the language. more...


New service from Gwynedd's Planning Department

Click here for more information


Easter Monday Activities



Click here for more information



Dates set for Caernarfon to Bontnewydd Bypass public exhibitions

Gwynedd residents have an opportunity to meet the project team behind the A487 Caernarfon to Bontnewydd Bypass project at three upcoming public exhibitions.

Members of the public are invited to find out more about the development at the exhibitions in Caernarfon, Bontnewydd and Caeathro from March 17-19.

The exhibitions will give attendees an opportunity to speak to the project team, who will be able to explain the scheme in more detail.

The Caernarfon exhibition takes place on Tuesday, March 17 from 10am until 8pm at the Celtic Royal Hotel on Bangor Street.

A second exhibition will take place at The Old School, Bontnewydd, on Wednesday March 18 from 10am until 8pm.

The third exhibition will take place at the Chapel Centre, Caeathro, on Thursday March 19 from 10am until 5pm.

If you are unable to attend the events, further information on the project can be found on the newly launched bilingual project website at

The website also has information on how to contact the project team, and will be updated with the latest news as the development progresses.



Almost forty Felinheli residents came together last Tuesday (03/03/15) at Ysgol Gynradd y Felinheli to exchange ideas and discuss possibilities of increasing the community’s influence over the housing
supply in their village. The meeting, arranged on behalf of Felinheli Community Council and a local language group was given the task of drawing up an action plan; one that would channel the energy and vision of Felinheli people in to securing a housing supply that would reflect the needs of local people as well as see the Welsh language flourish - click here for more information


Thanks for all your 'visits' to this website.

Still very popular.
Feb 2015 = 68,503 hits
Jan 2015 = 70,373 hits
Dec 2014 = 53,932 hits


Have your say on the Joint Local Development Plan
Y Felinheli

  • The present development boundary is not being extended and the land between Tyddyn Perthi and Y Wern is now outside the boundary. .
  • Category : Rural Coastal Village
  • Growth level : 19
  • Units completed  (2011-14): 51
  • Present land bank : 69
  • Extra number required: 0

The Joint Local Development Plan is the document which sets out, among other things, where new houses and business are to be sited between now and 2026, so it's important that all Gwynedd and Anglesey residents are given the opportunity to comment.

So that everyone in Gwynedd and Anglesey can have their say, a public consultation on the latest draft of the Gwynedd and Anglesey Joint Local Development Plan will start next week. Local people can take part by visiting the Gwynedd Council website, public libraries or Council offices.

All Welsh Councils are required by law to prepare a local development plan and Gwynedd and Anglesey Councils have decided to work together to prepare a Joint Local Development Plan (JLDP).

Once adopted, the plan will be the basis for making decisions about planning applications presented to the two planning authorities in the future. This plan sets a planning policy framework for land use for the period up to 2026, based on evidence provided from various sources, including local communities. It covers the areas of the Gwynedd and Anglesey local planning authorities (not including areas within the Snowdonia National Park).

This next phase of the JLDP, which is known as the Deposit Plan stage, is open to public consultation so that both Gwynedd and Anglesey Councils know that the finalised plan, which will be presented for public examination, will meet the needs of local communities.

Councillor Dafydd Meurig, Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet member for planning, said: “This Plan will have an important role to play in contributing towards supporting and developing sustainable communities in Gwynedd over the plan period.

“The Plan has been developed on the basis of evidence so it’s very important that local people take the consultation period as an opportunity to play their part by giving their opinions on the plan so far.

“Once adopted, the development plan will be monitored every year and then reviewed every four years. This will ensure that it is kept up to date and is flexible to react to changes so that it continues to meet the social, economic and environmental needs of Gwynedd.”

Councillor Arwel Roberts, portfolio holder for Anglesey’s Executive Board, added: ““The new JLDP will provide a framework which will guide planners with a range of local issues, such ensuring that there is good mixture of types of homes across Gwynedd and Anglesey and that housing matches other local economic developments and strategies. From Anglesey’s perspective, it will also provide a robust framework for the realisation of our Energy Island programme and ensuring that the county benefits from the developments which will come in the wake of the Wylfa Newydd power station.”

The Deposit Plan Consultation will run from Monday, 16 February until 5pm on Tuesday, 31 March 2015. The responses to the public consultation will be assessed and a report setting out how the Council will address the issues raised will be submitted to the Welsh Government and the Public Examination. Following this, the JLDP is scheduled to be adopted in December 2016.

To take part in the public consultation, people should visit the Council website where a representation form, a comments portal and consultation guidelines are available.

For more information, or to purchase paper copies of the consultation documents, contact the Gwynedd and Anglesey Joint Planning Policy Unit at:

  • Address – First floor, Bangor City Council Offices, Ffordd Gwynedd, Bangor LL57 1DT
  • Tel – 01286 685003 or 01766 771000
  • e-mail –

Don't miss out on a chance to save money with Cyd Cymru

Gwynedd residents have less than a week left to register their interest in the Cyd Cymru national scheme with the closing date on Monday, 2 March 2015.

By drawing households together, Cyd Cymru – which is supported by Gwynedd Council – can negotiate for cheaper energy bills on behalf of all who register.

Over 1800 households in Gwynedd have already registered their interest by visiting the Cyd Cymru website: or by calling 0800 093 5902.

Cyd Cymru will then contact those who have registered in March with a firm offer. If you decide to accept the offer – and change your electricity and/or gas supplier – help will be readily available. If, however, you decide not to go ahead, there will be no obligation on you to accept the offer.

Councillor Peredur Jenkins, Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet Member for Resources, said:
“There is much truth in the saying about unity in strength. It is therefore very pleasing to see a common sense plan that enhances our ability as customers in Wales to achieve the best possible price from the big companies and achieve significant savings for the people of Gwynedd.”
Councillor Eirwyn Williams, the local member for Criccieth on the Council and a keen advocate of the scheme, added:

“Thanks to Cyd Cymru, those who had already joined the scheme saved around £185 on average on their electricity and gas bills in 2014. These days, when many people worry before switching their heating on, every penny counts, and such a saving would surely be of great help to families here in Gwynedd.”

The Cyd Cymru campaign is financed by the Welsh Government and supported by councils across the country. For more information or to register your interest, go to the Cyd Cymru website: or phone 0800 093 5902.


Burglary Ifor's Meats

North Wales Police are asking for the public’s assistance following a burglary in Ifor's Meats, Beach Road, Felinheli, Caernarfon. The occurrence took place approximately between Wednesday the 11th of February and Thursday 12th 2015.

If you have any information regarding this incident then please contact North Wales Police on 101 quoting reference RC15023727.


Housing and Language


Felinheli Community Council are working closely with a local language group to focus on practical steps that the whole community can take to ensure that the housing supply in their village reflects the needs of people who grew up in the Felinheli, work locally and wish to bring their own children up in the community.

As a practical measure Grŵp Iaith y Felinheli in association with Felinheli Community Council are organising an open meeting to identify projects that will increase local influence over the supply of housing available in Felinhlei in future.  The meeting, open to everyone in Felinheli, will be held at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday evening, March 3rd at Felinheli Primary School.  Simultaneous translation will be available.

Some ideas already suggested have been the establishment of a local housing trust.  Such a trust would use locally raised finance to buy and improve housing in the village.  The housing wold be rented to people who have links to the village, wish to remain in the area but are unable to gain a footing on the local housing ladder.

housing and language

Cllr Sian Gwenllian, an active member of the Grŵp Iaith y Felinheli said “affordable and suitable housing, reflecting the needs of local people and the local economy are vital for a village like Felinheli”. She went on to explain “influencing the supply of housing in the village to reflect the needs of people who work in the area as well as those who wish to stay close to their roots will underpin a coherent and sustainable community”.

Guest speakers invited to the meeting will explain how other communities within Gwynedd and beyond have worked in partnership with housing organisations and land owners to ensure that local needs have influenced the supply of housing rather than those of the open market.


Garage owner helps cash-strapped playgroup

A local businessman is supporting the Appeal for money for Cylch Meithrin Y Felinheli (reported in the Herald on Feb 12.)

Kevin Wyn Jones from Central Garage in the middle of the village is offering to donate £5 to the Cylch for every MOT that he carries out from March 1st till May 31st.

"I read about the financial problems that were facing the Cylch in the Herald and got in touch with Cllr Sian Gwenllian to offer my help," said Kevin who has been running Central Garage for the last 30 years.

"From St David’s Day onwards, I will be donating £5 per MOT to the Cylch towards their fund-raising. Customers will pay £35 for the MOT with £5 of this going to the Cylch.

“I have run my business in the village for 30 years now and have had fantastic support from locals. This is where I started in business and this is where I still am today! I felt this was one way of giving something back to the community.

“It would be a huge shame to see the Cylch having to close due to short-term financial problems, and I hope my gesture of support will help them as they move towards their £10,000 target."

Chairman of Cylch Meithrin Y Felinheli, Ceri Ann Owen, said: “We are very grateful to Kevin and Central Garage for their kind offer. Having the support of a local business is a huge boost to us, showing that the playgroup is widely appreciated. 

We have already had a few successful events with the Valentine's party raising £1,300 (doubled with match funding from HSBC) and tickets for the Curry Night this weekend have long sold out.

"The whole village is rallying around and I'm optimistic that we will reach our goal, although there's a long way to go. Every penny helps. 
We have set up an account where individuals can donate on-line.

Donate Via Paypal

View Full News Story


Felinheli Bingo 26/02/15 St David's Day Quiz 27/02/15
poster bingo poster


Cllr Sian Gwenllian’s Report

Click here to read the February 2015 Report


Business Breakfast



Ffilm Fer Am Bobl Ifanc Gan Bobl Ifanc Yn Y Felin

Click here for more information


FREE Micro chipping events

For information please read the leaflet about FREE micro chipping events. Please take these opportunities to get your dogs chipped.

2015 FREE microchipping events - click here






Do you want to save on your energy bills?

Cyd Cymru - Collective Energy Buying

Cyd Cymru - Wales Together Registration is now open for the next energy switch!





Talwrn y Beirdd Recording 10.03.15 (Welsh only)

Fe fydd rhaglen radio Talwrn y Beirdd yn cael ei recordio nos Fawrth 10/3/15 Capel Bethania. Trefnir gan Gymdeithas Heli'r Heulyn.



Felinheli Bingo

Click here for more information



Celebrating Dwynwen: Welsh patron saint of lovers

Felinheli will be celebrating Santes Dwynwen, the Welsh patron saint of lovers with a special evening at the Victoria Hotel.

On Friday, January 23,local author and media expert Phil Stead will host a Quiz evening followed by the Vic's lovely warming lobs cows.

"Every year the village celebrates Santes Dwynwen in some way and this year the Vic is the chosen location," said one of the organisers, Felinheli Councillor Sian Gwenllian.

"We have all fallen in love ( pardon the pun) with the story of Dwynwen and this year again I hope that villagers will turn out to support our activity. The event is organised by Plaid Cymru Y Felinheli. Tickets are £5 and the evening starts at 7 p.m."

Who is Dwynwen? See link.


Coffee Morning Cancer Research Wales, Felin Sgwrsio, Saturday Jan 17, 11.30 till 1.30. Warm welcome to all.


Councillor Sian Gwenllian’s report Jan 2015

Happy New Year/Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

1) I'm delighted that the iconic Menai Straits will be kept free from pylons in the vicinity of Y Felinheli,. Local people were united in opposition and I wish to thank them for supporting me and the No Pylons campaign. 
However, we must ensure that there won't be any pylons elsewhere either. Whilst the Grid have said that the cables would be 'on or under the sea bed' of the Menai itself, they have not spelt out what happens on the mainland in the Bangor area as the electricity is transmitted from the banks of the Straits to the sub- station at Pentir. That's why we need to continue to fight for an under-sea option from the North of Anglesey to Dee-side. That would ensure that the whole area is free from new pylons. But god news for us locally!



Stolen Bikes - Trem Y Foel

North Wales Police are appealing for information following a theft from a shed in the Trem y Foel, Felinheli recently.

The incident occurred sometime between 17:30 Friday 09/01/15 and 09:30 Saturday 10/01/05. Two CLAUDE BUTLER bikes were taken from the shed. If you noticed anything suspicious, or have any information relating to this incident please contact North Wales Police by dialling 101 quoting reference RC15004538. Alternatively, you can provide information anonymously by calling Crimestoppers Wales on 0800 555 111. North Wales Police would like to urge residents to always report suspicious activity to them at the earliest opportunity.



Daily Post News Article

Message from Cllr Sian Gwenllian: I have just received a letter from National Grid. They propose a new overhead line (pylons) from Anglesey to Pentir. BUT part of it will be ‘on or beneath the bed of the Menai Strait.’ I don’t have details of where exactly the under-sea crossing will be and await further details from the Grid. This is excellent news for Felinheli and the surrounding area and means NO PYLONS across the Straits, which was the view expressed by local people. However as a member of the No Pylons Campaign chaired by Hywel Williams, MP, I am extremely disappointed that the under-sea option from North Anglesey to Dee-side seems to been dismissed altogether by the Grid.

Here is the letter:

"Dear Subscriber,

As a registered user, we wanted to update you on the work we need to do in North Wales.

Following careful consideration of all the feedback we received during our first stage of consultation, and a detailed review of all of the different connection options, we are proposing a new overhead line to connect Horizon’s Wylfa Newydd power station on Anglesey to our network. We are also proposing to put the cables on or beneath the bed of the Menai Strait and underground within the Anglesey Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

We are proposing to make the connection within the Orange route corridor we identified, which broadly follows the existing line on the island that connects Wylfa to our existing substation at Pentir, Gwynedd. We are now doing further work to identify where the connection might go, while carefully considering the effects on communities and the environment and how we can best reduce them.

Further information about our proposals and the options we’ve looked at is available on our project website which you can visit at

Alternatively, please contact our Community Relations Team by return email or on 0800 990 3567 (9am-5pm, Monday – Friday) who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Kind Regards,

North Wales Community Relations Team"


Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water trialling new pumps at Y Felinheli Sewerage Pumping Station.

dwr cymru

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water has been trialling a new pumping system at Y Felinheli sewerage pumping station.

The new pump technology has a unique design and has proven to significantly reduce blockages. The new permanent pumps and equipment will be installed soon and the company will be investing in excess of £60,000 in this upgrade.

Desilting has taken place recently at Y Felinheli pumping station and we are currently investigating seawater infiltration at the Harbour pumping station to see if this could be contributing to the odour problem.

As we move forward teams are continuing to investigate and monitor the odour problems at Y Felinheli pumping station. Once the investigations have been completed recommendations will be fed back to the company and a decision will be taken on what the next steps will be.

As a “not-for-profit company” Welsh Water does not have shareholders, and any financial surpluses are reinvested in the business for the benefit of customers.

Waste Water Services helpline – 0800 085 3968


Raising money for cancer Research by trekking in Nepal

Two young people from Y Felinheli will be visiting Nepal to raise money for charity and are holding a coffee morning in the village on Jan 17 as part of their campaign. There will be a warm welcome for everyone at Y Felin Sgwrsio, Y Felinheli on Saturday morning, January 17 to raise money for Cancer Research Wales.

In March 2015 Nia Jenkins and Carwyn Dafydd will venture up to the 'base camp' of the world’s highest mountain, Everest.

“The trip will take place over 13 days and we will have to walk up to a height of 5,354m!” said Nia.

“The oxygen level will drop to 40% at this height and so we are busy training for March! We go up Snowdon and other mountains of Snowdonia on a regular basis to raise the fitness levels and Carwyn plays football for Y Felinheli Football Club and trains regularly.
“We will be making the trek to raise money for Cancer Research Wales. We aim to raise £7550 and we have chosen this particular charity because Carwyn’s Dad died of cancer 16 years ago. All the money raised goes to the charity and we are paying the travelling costs out of our own pockets.

“We have raised thousands of pounds already and are getting nearer the target. We raised £2,000 in a 5 aside football tournament in Caernarfon last year. Thanks to all who have contributed so far and there will be further opportunities for people to support us by coming to our coffee morning on Jan 17. Or you can donate on-line through this link   


Daily Post Article

The Community Council has decided to inform Gwynedd Council Planning that it is opposed to developing Cae Fodol near the Faenol roundabout as a site for permanent living units. This is due to a large number of planning reasons, including that the site is outside development boundaries and that the site is not suitable on a number of grounds. Around 30 residents came to the meeting in the memorial Hall tonight.




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