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As a business your views are critically important to Gwynedd Council, and here’s an amazing opportunity for you to influence how Gwynedd Council could support you in the future. This survey is seeking to understand your business needs, and how the Council can work closer with you to help you survive, grow and prosper in the future. There are a number of opportunities coming to the area, so here’s an unique opportunity for you to share your ideas and have your say!

We would be very grateful if you could spare a few minutes to complete the survey. The closing date is the Wednesday May 11th.

Gwynedd Business Survey

Ysgol Y Felinheli's new vision 2022


The new Curriculum for Wales will take effect in September 2022 and we are very eager to include you on the exciting journey of reforming our school's curriculum.
Our intention is to create a reformative Vision which CLEARLY conveys the experiences and opportunities we are hoping to provide to our exceptional school's pupils.
We are consulting with all of the school's stakeholders including staff, learners, Governors, parents and guardians, the local community and the region's businesses, as well as Educational professionals.

Find out why your voice is so important to us!

Further information about the New Curriculum for Wales is presented in the link below

We request that you complete the questionnaire by 11/03/2022

Fill in the questionaire here

Ysgol Y Felinheli

Financial Support to Y Felinheli Societies


Applications for financial support can be made to the Community Council by charities and societies of the village. Closing date 31st January 2022.

Application available by Heather Jones the Clerk or use this link

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