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01.09.20 Pop Up Charity Shop

The shop will be open once more for one weekend only next month. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 2nd - 4th October, 10am till 5pm.

Click here for more information about the Pop Up Shop

12.08.20 Eat Out to Help Out

Here is a list of Restaurant in our local area offering the Eat Out to Help Out scheme

Eat Out to Help Out

29.07.20 Cerrig mawr wedi eu gweld ar y lon o Gors Bach i Gelli Gyffwrdd - (Only available in Welsh...)

Mae cerrig mawr wedi eu gweld ar y lon o Gors Bach i Gelli Gyffwrdd.

Mae y mater wedi cael ei adrodd i'r Heddlu.

Mae y cerrig wedi eu gwthio i ochor y lon.

Does dim eglurhad am ymddangosiad y cerrig.
Gallent fod wedi disgyn oddi ar drelar yn ddamweiniol neu hwyrach wedi eu rhoi yno yn fwriadol.

Dylai gyrwyr fod yn wyliadwrus rhag ofn i fwy o gerrig ymddangos.

17.06.20 Felinheli Football Pitch

The upgrading of the Felinheli football pitch in Seilo is going well. Theres be no excuse now not to go to support the teams in all weathers know, even if we have to continue to keep to social distancing next season!

  • 170620-llun1
  • 170620-llun3-sm
  • 170620-llun4
  • 170620-llun5


07.05.20 Y Felinheli Community Council Annual Meeting 2020

The Council’s Annual Meeting this year will be held digitally on the 12th May 2020 at 7 p.m. Members of the community may send questions by 10th May 2020 f.a.o. of the Clerk. Answers will be provided following the meeting or members of the community may request to be part of the meeting by contacting the Clerk.


01.04.20 Financial Support for Gwynedd Families and Businesses

Gwynedd Council is announcing a package of economic measures to help local people and the Gwynedd business community through the difficult time ahead caused by to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic....

Plis darllenwch y datganiad llawn yma

01.04.20 Be vigilant against coronavirus scams

We are warning the public to be extra vigilant and be wary of scams related to coronavirus (Covid-19) here to read more

Casglu biniau31.03.20 Message from Gwynedd Council

Our waste and Recycling staff are making every effort to complete every collection. However, if we have missed your bin / recycling collection, we advise you to please leave the bins out.

We will return to collect your waste as soon as possible.


Lan y mor
25.03.20 Construction work on Beach Road hours have temporarily changed.

The work of the Flood Prevention scheme in y Felinheli is temporarily closed during the Covid-19 crisis and staff making the site safe today (24/3/20). Work will re-start again soon as possible when possible circumstances allow.

Message from Cyngor Gwynedd Council

24.03.20 LONDIS hours have temporarily changed.

Londis Y Felinheli with be closing 6pm daily instead of 8pm


The Community Council is in the process of compiling a list of local businesses who would be willing to distribute goods or provide necessary services to those who fall into the high-risk category or are self-isolating.

If you would like to be included on the list, please send your telephone number, business name and type of goods or service available to

The list will be shared via our website and Facebook pages of Y Felinheli.


22.03.20 Message from Gwynedd Council:Gofalwr/-aig Neuadd Goffa Y Felinheli

In light of the unprecedented Coronovirus Covid-19 situation, Gwynedd Council is urging people not to visit the area and to return home if they are already in Gwynedd. By doing this, they will be protecting themselves, the people of Gwynedd and essential health and care services.

Click here for more information

18.03.20 Buddy Scheme

We are setting up a ‘Buddy Scheme’ in the village for the following purpose:

  • Food/essential goods shopping
  • Collection of new prescriptions

Click here for more information about the Buddy Scheme.

Gofalwr/-aig Neuadd Goffa Y Felinheli11.03.20 - The Friends of the school have won a grant of £10,000 to development of the Junior Department's outdoor area.

Many thanks to @CronGymYLH for the grant of £10,000 for the development of the Junior Department's outdoor area. Many thanks also to the parents for their hard work in creating the area for the community, the environment and the pupils. As you can see the children and the Cyfeillio were very happy to hear about the grant! #NationalLottery #healthandwellbeing

Gofalwr/-aig Neuadd Goffa Y Felinheli10.03.20 - Changes to Gwynedd’s Common Housing Allocation Policy

The way social housing in Gwynedd is allocated is about to change to put more emphasis on prioritising local people who are in need of housing.

We currently use a points system to allocate housing but soon we will use a ‘banding’ system. Applications will be placed in a band depending on their housing need and connection with Gwynedd. We’ll be writing to you everyone on the register in a few weeks’ time to explain more about how this will effect them.

In the meantime an information leaflet is attached which answers frequently asked questions.You can also find information on our website.

Click here for the questions leaflet

Gofalwr/-aig Neuadd Goffa Y Felinheli10.03.20 - Brexit - Advice to residents and businesses

For your attention, correspondence regarding the support and guidance available to the county’s residents and businesses in light of Brexit.

Click here for information on Advice to residents and businesses

Gofalwr/-aig Neuadd Goffa Y Felinheli25.02.20 - The Roof has been repaired!

The roof of Y Felinheli Memorial Hall was damaged following recent storms. We are pleased to report that the roof has been repaired and that everything is going on as usual in the hall.

Thanks to Neil from K&N Scaffolding and to Islwyn and Dylan Owen for responding so quickly to the call. The scaffold will stay up for a while longer in case of any more storms that may cause more damage.

Heres a picture of the roof after repair.

Gofalwr/-aig Neuadd Goffa Y Felinheli29.01.20 - Litter Pick - Sunday 02/02/20


Sunday Morning the litter pick will start from the Memorial Hall and go through the village. There will be a cupper and a cake after the collection.

Come along if you have an hour spear!

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